Project Log: Random GP2X hacking

Sunday, October 09, 2005

GCC4 based tool-chain for ARM-LINUX on the GP2X

I guess this counts as vaguely noteworthy news. I have, after a bit of hacking about, got build scripts that produce a working GCC 4/glibC 2.3.5 based tool-chain targeted for the GP2X (arm-mmsp2-linux).

All executables need to be statically linked (-static on all calls to GCC, G++, LD etc.) but the code generated works well on real hardware. This is due to the fact that the Linux image on the GP2X uses an ancient version of glibC (2.2.5) that is not even compatible with GCC 4 (I could not even get it to work with 3.4).

I’ll add the build scripts to this site once I clean them up a bit for public consumption.

I have a Windows (CygWin) based tool-chain zipped up that I can pass out if requested.

Next project is to get some sort of executable compressor going on arm Linux so I can shrink these statically linked monsters down a bit.


  • Tight how long befor you clean up the scripts for mass consomption?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:23 PM  

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