A quick video demo of the OpenPandora using the PowerVR SGX core.

Whilst I have had PowerVR support working on the Pandora for some time now with the recent public release of the OMAP3 PowerVR SDK I now feel comfortable showing some demos using the 3D core.

It is also worth mentioning that from today all the Angstrom file system images available to Pandora developers will also include the drivers for the PowerVR SGX (taken from the above SDK) so expect to see other developers pick this up and run with it (I hope). I’ll admit I am quite looking forward to people getting stuck into really giving the core and the drivers a good workout.

As I am making this post it also seems worthwhile to give a little background on PowerVR support on the Pandora as it has frequently been a source of consternation.

A little while ago TI released the drivers for the OMAP3 PowerVR core and this lead to posts like this one that unfortunately created some misunderstandings.

The drivers TI released were basically old even at the time of release and required all manor of patching to even work on the Pandora/Beagle et al. They had been build for a 2.6.22 kernel paired with an old user space. Whilst they could be made to work on the Pandora they required dropping back to a quick port we did of TI’s 2.6.22 reference kernel and this was hardly an attractive prospect when everything else was fitting nicely with the 2.6.27 kernel we have lined up for the 1st release (don’t worry, we also keep our kernel current and stuck firmly to mainline Linux-OMAP).


I think the confusion at the time came from the fact that 3D did work on the Pandora with our 2.6.27 kernel but required a combination of drivers that were, at the time, not distributable (even to other Pandora devs). With the public release this all becomes a rather moot point.

That is about all there is to it really. The PowerVR works well and we are working to sort the few remaining little snags (default clocks, wrappers etc.) in plenty of time for the release so you will be able to enjoy 3D on your freshly unpacked Pandora.

I’ll apologize in advance for the really crappy video quality but all I can get my hands on is an old digicam that happens to also produce AVI’s ;). I am sure Ed will produce some decent high res videos of the demos for the official page soon enough.

Oh, and ignore the slight flicker in the bottom right, I had an optical mouse connected when I did the demo that likes to ‘twitch’.

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