GP2X: A update on why everything is on a go slow.

I just thought I would quickly post up this note after having the same questions asked in a few emails recently.

“No I am not dead, yes I do still like the GP2X, no I have not jumped ship to ‘insert console name here’ for huge cash prizes and no I don’t have a working GP2X at the moment” ;).

1st’ly I though I should let people know why I have been slow replying to mails and comments about bricked GP2X’s and my projects (and in some cases, not replying at all I am sorry to say). I have read all the mails and thanks for all the feedback.

Some time ago my GP2X died (not bricked, board fault) and about 2 weeks after my jTAG setup broke. This combined with no small about of personal/work shenanigans :( has had several effects on my GP2X stuff, it has meant that I am not able to offer to unbrick peoples GP2X’s with broken bootloaders at the moment (I do apologise) and secondly as I don’t have a working GP2X doing the long overdue update of the unbricking guide to firmware 2.0 has been somewhat on hold.

It has also meant that my other projects, ScummVM, Heart of the Alien et. all have slowed up somewhat. I assure you none of the projects are dead. Far from it, as soon as I get a GP2X I have a shed load of code I want to get running on real hardware.

Out of interest on the ScummVM front behind the scenes I have been working on cleaning up the ScummVM GP2X code and hope to make it an official port shortly (just as soon as I get the last of the code up to scratch to live in ScummVM’s SVN). I also noted that D_Skywalk did a release of the code I gave him so that’s cool, at least there are builds based on the latest ScummVM core :).

All being well I will have enough saved up next month to get another GP2X and grab a BoB at the same time and I plan on updating all this guide for the latest firmware (and adding a detailed jTAG guide) as soon as I get a new unit (I have worked most of it out, just need to test it all).

At that point I will be happy to offer to unbrick GP2X’s again the same way I used to (i.e. for postage and a small donation to the charity of your choice).

Regards John