GP2X F200: Test build with quick touchscreen support

EDIT: This release has been superseded, please get the latest release.


I have been playing around with the code that makes the F200’s touch screen tick and have come to a point where it is just about working.

It should also be fine on the old F100’s and it will just not try and use a touch screen.

There are some snags and as I currently don’t have any working GP2X (let alone an F200) this is very majorly untested. Never the less the helpful people in #GP2XDev on EfNet (and Paeryn) have given me loads of help with code and testing and it at least loads some games and the touch screen works.

There are caveats however…

  • The mouse pointer is currently shown (I’ll fix that a little later).
  • Accuracy may well be very variable.
  • There is no right click (I’ll add push and hold for right licks like most PDAs if I can figure out a neat way).
  • On games that run at a native resolution higher then 320*240 I have no idea what will happen (who wants to try that and let me know).
  • I am told it does not seem to work if the GP2X is in the cradle/BoB, not sure why just yet. The code should just detect if a USB mouse is added and disable the touch screen but it seems to hang up if the cradle is connected. One to look at later.

For ease I built off the 0.10.0 release code rather then the current SVN so I had a stable base to work from.

Anyway, on to a download.

ScummVM GP2X F200 0.10.0 06/11/07

There is a thread on the ScummVM forums for feedback here.