I managed to miss out on this but a new build (R11) of WinterMute’s excellent DevKitArm is now available on the Sourceforge page. Now using GCC 3.4.3 as its core […]

Well I just took a look at my blog and realised that I was not exactly keeping it up to date. I have spent the last year making posts and […]

Well Hell has frozen over today and I have decided to publicly release one of the old widespread ‘tester’ builds of ScummVM for the GP32. It is little more then […]

Sorry All, 2 months and no update, I guess most people thought this was dead. Well that is not the case however I have only just got my GP32 working […]

Spent a little bit of time over the weekend working on gpScummVM and I have started to submit some small patches to the main ScummVM project. If the current builds […]

Ph0x sent me over a few patches to his backend today to get unstable 0.5.1 ScummVM support. Considering I have moved away from SDL back to a custom backend I […]