ScummVM: 1.0.0 “Shiny Logo” released for the GP2X and GP2XWiz

This is just a quick post is to announce the 1.0.0 releases of the ScummVM for both the GP2X and the GP2X Wiz following on from the official announcement.

Please provide feedback on these releases and enjoy using them, this is a huge milestone for the ScummVM project and we are all very proud of this release.

New features since the 1.0.0 RC1 for my backends:

Below are the main features and fixes added with this new release from the earlier RC1 release.

Both releases feature additional ARM assembly optimised routines and tweaks to the build system along with a myriad of small ‘nips and tucks’.

There are also further tweaks to refine the use of the “Return to Launcher” and “Global Main Menu” features (remember that Left Trigger and Select/Home/Menu will bring up the Global Main Menu in any game).

This is in addition to the hundreds (litterally) of bug fixes that have gone into the core and game engines for this release from the ScummVM development team.

Supported engines:

Both releases feature support for all the game engines that are due to be included with the 1.0.0 release.

This includes support for high resolution games.

Specific restrictions:

Each of the releases has a small number of restrictions that have an affect on the games/engines you are able to use with each platform.

GP2X: The biggest restriction with this platform is the overhead of the scaling when using 640*480 games on the 320*240 screen making such game perform poorly.

GP2X Wiz:  The downscaling support is a recently added feature to the Wiz backend and as such some issues still remain with high resolution games exhibiting ‘tearing’ when updating the screen under some circumstances. Unfortunately this seems to be an exhibit of the Wiz screen tearing bug and while efforts have been taken to minimise it in this release it the problem has not totally gone away.

Providing feedback:

If you would like me to consider a feature or fix a bug help me to help you by ensuring the reports end up recorded in official places.