ScummVM: A quick and dirty alpha release for the GP2X Wiz.

NOTE: This post is now out of date, please see the most recent posts for more info.

As some people know I have been hacking around with the Wiz on and off for some time now (in addition to the Pandora) and while I got ScummVM running on the Wiz quite some time ago I have been holding off on a release so that I could get a little more time to fix issues with the Wiz backend.

Well time has been rather cruel of late and I have not had as much time as I would like to clean up things and add funky features so rather then leave a half completed ScummVM backend languishing on my hard disk and rotting I decided to find a few hours to trim down the code, bring it up to date and put aside all the non working bits for now (mostly scaling support, OpenGLes parts, better controls, that sort of stuff) and get a ‘raw and ready’ ScummVM release out so people can start to give me feedback etc.

This release is mostly untested and is built from mainline (HEAD) ScummVM revision 41101. Expect odd issues and things not to quite be working correctly yet. If your not happy with the odd crash and bit of unexpected behavior then this build is not for you.

Anyway, onto what you get in this release and what you need to do to get it running.

You can download the release here – Don’t forget to check the README-GP2XWIZ text file in the zip.

As this is an early alpha release and is likely to get superseded quickly I would appreciate it if you did not mirror the download but rather pointed users back to this page.

Once you have downloaded the release you need to extract the contents of the zip to the ‘game’ folder on your SD card. Once extracted you should have a ‘scummvm.ini’ file in the game folder and a separate ‘scummvm’ folder with all the actual files needed by the Wiz.

Pop the SD card into your Wiz and select ScummVM from the SD games menu. If all goes well after a few seconds you should be greeted with the ScummVM game launcher. From this point it behaves very much like any other ScummVM release.

Controls are very similar to the GP2X F200 release (including touchscreen support) with a few notable exceptions. Menu now brings up the game menu and Left trigger + Menu now brings up the global main menu for ScummVM.

Other then that things pretty much match the layout of the GP2X F200 release. If you want to refresh yourself of the control mappings I have included full details in the README-GP2XWIZ text file in the zip.

Known Issues:

  • No scaling support so only 320*xxx games run. Games that need a bigger screen then the Wiz will just crash ScummVM. Scaling support is on the TODO.
  • Save support may be erratic. Not quite sure of the cause yet but some of my testers had the odd issues with saves not writing correctly.
  • Speed. For most games speed is quite good but I have noticed a few points when performance really gets bad. Still looking into that.
  • OGG Vorbis support: One tester mentioned that games he used that had OGG Vorbis audio did not work. Still looking into that.

Feedback on this release:

The feedback avenues for the Wiz release are the same as the existing GP2X release.

In order to help me keep track of requests, bugs etc. I am asking that people kindly report such issues to the correct places (or at least copy them there). I don’t spend all my time looking at forums and bug reports placed on random internet forums are never very helpful to me (i.e. they are very unlikely to get fixed or even read). The same applies to feature requests etc. etc.
If you would like me to consider a feature or fix a bug help me to help you by ensuring the reports end up recorded in official places.

Source Code:

Source for this release will be up on a ScummVM patch tracker in the next few days (or, if the team view it as good enough, hopefully committed to SVN).


  1. Thanks for your comment, DJWillis. I’ll be waiting for the next release.

  2. Hello djwillis!

    You say this:
    Speed. For most games speed is quite good but I have noticed a few points when performance really gets bad. Still looking into that.

    Why don’t you use the cpufreq utility (get it at,0,0,0,8,60 ) to overclock the wiz? Adding a single line [ ./cpufreq –freq 700 ] before you launch scummvm with scummvm.gpe it’s easy

    It’ll solve your problem temporally, while you search the reason of the bad performance…

    1. Hi Jurk,

      I have never overclocked any of the apps I have built even going back to the GP32 days and before. If it is not quick enough to run a given game I’ll keep looking at the code until it can be made quick enough or I mark it as officially to slow to support ;).

      If people want to overclock they are more then welcome but as a coder it takes all the fun out of it for me and no official ScummVM builds will ever require (or ship) with non stock CPU speeds (mem timings, cache settings and underclocking are another matter entirely).


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