ScummVM for the GP2X is now an official port.

Its official – ScummVM for the GP2X is now officially part of the main ScummVM project and I am very happy to say I have taken up the role as the official port/backend maintainer.

This means that the latest GP2X port (well apart from my experimental stuff) is in the subversion repository along with all the other source-code.

It also means that major releases of the GP2X version will be released alongside the other ScummVM versions (all being well starting with 0.9.1 in the near future) and will be downloadable from the official ScummVM site.

From now on, bugs and feature requests for the GP2X port can be reported via the ports own ScummVM forum and the ScummVM bug tracker. I will endeavour to support users on the forum whenever I can.

In addition the scattered resources for the GP2X port are being centralised and will be centred around the GP2X pages on the official ScummVM WiKi.

This does not mean that the GP2X port has suddenly got magically more compatible or supports every game at blistering speed, or that many bugs have been fixed from the most recent test releases. It does mean however that the port now has the support of the whole team, a great help when tracking down obscure bugs, and being an official port there is an incentive to make quality timely releases. It also gives me access to a huge amount of resources that make my job as a maintainer a lot easier.

I view this all as a “very good thing” ™.

There will be a few changes to the port to in new releases that where required to make sure it was a good match for the rest of ScummVM (save handling and the like) but nothing that should detract from its usability. Please make sure you review the README-GPX.html in any new builds to make sure you are up to date with developments.

On the subject of new builds, expect 0.9.1 preview builds in the next few days, feedback on those preview builds will be vital to ensure the 0.9.1 GP2X release is as good as it can be.


John Willis