ScummVM: ‘GIT 6b8fb196-pre1.4.0’ builds for GPH devices (GP2XWiz and Caanoo)

Edit: These builds are now out-dated and people should try the official 1.4.1 releases on or newer releases.

Most interested people will have realised that my ScummVM backends (GP2X, Wiz, Caanoo and OpenPandora) missed the entire 1.3.* release cycle leaving the official releases stuck back in the old 1.2.* cycle.

There are a number of reasons for this (all my fault) but rather than dwell, lets just say I am trying to get them all back into shape for future releases. With that in mind I am going to start doing test ‘point in time’ builds of the code for various devices when things reach a point that I would like some community testing done.

The first of these test releases is for the GP2XWiz and Caanoo. The GP2X build will follow once I nail the last annoying little input bug that is causing the cursor to go off for a wonder on it’s own Winking smile(simple bug I am sure but you know how it is when you stare at something). Then I will turn to fixing up the OpenPandora backend.

They have been built from the main ScummVM GIT (Revision:  6b8fb196cbd58e20ef57bf367d5ecbf0ee2ebdad).

These builds exist purely to get some feedback and testing from the communityespecially so I can try and get a good solid release done when we get into the next official ScummVM release cycle.

If your not interested in testing and providing feedback (and dealing with the odd issue) please stick with the old 1.2.* releases. These are not robust, fully tested release builds but I am also pretty sure they will not eat or damage your GPH deviceWinking smile.

Note: Please don’t mirror or hotlink these preview/test/alpha etc. releases or put them on download services but rather, direct people to this page.

This helps me ensure that users always have the most recent versions and cuts down on me being requested to support ancient releases.

Also note that these test releases are not officially (or unofficially) supported Winking smile.

They are built from the new unified ScummVM backend for all the GPH devices (to make supporting them somewhat easier for me and to cut out the rot that had set into the old dedicated stand alone GP2X backend).

All the appropriateengines enabled in configure are included in this build’ but I make no promises about the usability of any WIP game engine.

Specific restrictions:

GP2XWiz: My GP2XWiz has died so this build is totally untested but before the Wiz died the builds had been working well and there is so much in common with the Caanoo that I am fairly sure this build will work. Please test it and give me some feedback.

If you selling a Wiz cheap I also want to talk to you Smile.

Caanoo: The build seems fairly solid. If you find issues please report them.If you find issues please report them.

Providing feedback:

If you would like me to consider a feature or fix a bug help me to help you by ensuring the reports end up recorded in official places.


Please ensure you download the correct version for your device:

Extract the contents of the zip to the game folder on your SD card, ensuring that you have a “scummvm.ini” in your game folder and the rest of ScummVM in a “scummvm” subfolder.

Launch “ScummVM” from the main launcher menu to run.

Review the README-GPH for more information.




  1. Downloading WIZ version for testing.

    1. Hi SpaVampyre,

      As my Wiz is broken I am very interested in knowing how well ScummVM works on the Wiz (if it even works at all).
      It should work as well as the Caanoo release but I have no way to check at the moment ;).



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