ScummVM: Unofficial test “1.1.1” release for the OpenPandora.

EDIT: This release has been superseded, please get the latest release.

This is just a quick post to let people know I have uploaded a test build of ScummVM for the OpenPandora. For those that care, the belated GP2X Wiz 1.1.1 releases will follow when I get back from a few days away at some point next week.

Note: Please don’t mirror or hotlink preview/test/alpha etc. releases or put them on download services but rather, direct people to this page. This helps me ensure that users always have the most recent versions and stops me being swamped with requests for help with ancient test versions.

Nothing especially exotic about the code as it stands (it’s mainly a plugin enabled ARMv7 optimised build of ScummVM packaged up as a PND file) but it works quite well and at least a fair selection of games are very playable.

I am only releasing this so people have some ScummVM goodness for their new OpenPandora consoles (you can stop emailing me now ;-)). It’s largely untested and has been hanging around on my build box for a few days. All 1.1.1 game engines should be working but I have only tested SCUMM, Tinsel (Discworld) and SAGA, and played a little bit of The Curse of Monkey Island ;).

It does not represent what the final backend will look like and a lot of the OpenPandora specific graphic and input handling is disabled in this release (nothing is mapped to the DPad and game buttons/triggers for example). It does support the keyboard, nubs and touchscreen fine however (for the most part) and most regular ScummVM keyboard shortcuts should work fine.

My plan is to commit the changes to the ScummVM codebase as soon as I have things cleaned up a bit and make the backend official (and manage releases accordingly) but as I am now away for the next few days I thought I would do a quick test release 1st so people have something to mess about with it on there new toy.

To install just download and unzip the file and copy the resulting scummvm-openpandora-2010-05-26.pnd to the following folder on your SD card (or USB2 stick):

/pandora/menu –> This will cause the ScummVM app icon to show up in the Xfce menu sorted by category.
/pandora/desktop –> This will cause the ScummVM app to appear as an icon on the Desktop of Xfce.

Either folder will also ensure the application icon shows up in MiniMenu.

To run, just select the icon as normal, the ScummVM GUI will start up and you can add games as you would normally do with any other ScummVM release (including Mass Add).

Note: On the OpenPandora /media is the root mount folder for removable storage devices. Your SD cards are known by the driver name (MMC) and the card number so the root of your 1st SD card is normally /media/mmcblk0p1, 2nd SD card is normally /media/mmcblk1p1. When you 1st add games you will need to select the SD card you are using (or a folder on your USB2 stick).



Any feedback, please leave comments or drop me a mail.


John Willis


  1. Yay, Wiz version!

    Don’t go back on your word now, hey? There’s still a Wiz community.

  2. Hi!

    I’ve tried it a bit, and it seemed to work (was trying to get Broken Sword 1 to work with cutscenes), but all of a sudden scummvm didn’t want to start anymore. I ejected the sd and put it back in, and all my other pnd’s did show up, but this one didn’t. Also, it’s size had increased from 15 mb to 80.

    I could put the file somewere, so you can have a look at it what happened. I don’t know if it contains any broken sword files though, so I’m not posting a url here. Drop me an email if you’re interested in the file :)

    Cheers & thanks, laurens

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